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Advantages at a glance

Fully managed

Fully managed cluster and software stack backed by an SLA

Highly resilient

99.5%+ uptimes on Nine platforms
99.95%+ uptimes on Google platforms

Safe and secure

Ensured data residency in Switzerland / identity management provided by Nine

Scalable worldwide

Scale globally: wherever there is a Google data centre, our product is there, too!

Intelligent scaling

Scale your application in an event driven way, we provide KEDA as standard for intelligent scaling functionality

Industry standards

The software stack we provide alongside your cluster consists of industry standard tools which we know inside out

No vendor lock-in

The software we provide is fully open source and portable

Additional service options

Access to and integration of additional Google Cloud Platform and Nine managed services


About the Product

Managed Kubernetes is for customers who want to run their containers in a production-ready environment without the overhead of managing a cluster or running the ancillary services needed to get the most out of the cluster.

More about Managed Kubernetes
Knowing Your Needs
At Nine, we know that having a bulletproof, production-ready Kubernetes environment is not just about managing a cluster. It involves monitoring, logging, backups, continuous deployment and all the other tools and services which you need to be confident that your application is working as intended.
What We Offer
Nine’s unique Kubernetes offering provides you with industry standard software and offers an end-to-end Kubernetes experience, supported by a knowledgeable and accredited team, and backed by an SLA. We offer additional application monitoring via managed Prometheus and Grafana, thus giving you insight into your application performance and allowing you to create alerts.
Complete Flexibility
Our managed Kubernetes product gives you the full flexibility of choosing Google Cloud Platform or Nine’s Swiss data centres. Your cluster can run in any region, and you can use a wide variety of virtual machine types to create workload-specific node pools. We integrate other services into your cluster, enabling you to utilise anything you need for your application.
Performance, Security and Stability
Nine’s software stack is fully isolated from your application, giving you all the compute power you are paying for, while ensuring security and stability for your applications. We fully manage any software that we provide, and keep it up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes. We monitor the software stack 24×7 to ensure that it works whenever you need it.
Certified Specialists
Our experts all hold Certified Kubernetes Administrator and/or Google Cloud Professional Architect certifications and work every day with the tools we offer you. If you need help, whether with writing a correct configuration or conducting a comprehensive audit of your cluster, we are there for you and help you make the most of Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform.
Case Studies

Use Cases for Kubernetes


Nine provided the expertise through workshops, consulting, and the services built atop GKE. All along with managed services of the platform.

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Nine provided the expertise, training and optimisation. Through workshops, consulting, and their Kubernetes service stack, built atop GKE, Nine helped ClickTime find the right solutions and processes to allow them to keep focus on their application.

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Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG

The Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG is using Managed Kubernetes for creating and managing customer web pages.

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New market conditions, new requirements for their product range: containerizing their software has opened up new opportunities for CASASOFT AG. Collaborating with a good partner organization is key for its implementation.

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Nine was involved in the project with consulting and implementation services and support. According to the customer, all necessary tasks were implemented promptly and competently. The changeover from a classic server architecture to NKE went smoothly and now enables Unifits to operate securely with greatly reduced maintenance costs.

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Nine Kubernetes Academy

94% of companies surveyed in Europe are either already using Kubernetes, or are testing and researching its implementation (CNCF survey). Container technology is no longer niche, but has become the standard. Learn how to use Kubernetes in practice in this one-day workshop. You will work side by side with our experts, and get answers to your individual questions.

Register for our Kubernetes workshop
After completing this course, you should be able to understand the basic container concept, have gained an overview of the surrounding ecosystem and learned the first steps in Kubernetes: from creating a cluster to deploying your applications.
Docker Theory & Practice:
– Repetition Docker Container and Container Registry
– Production-ready application deployment with Docker

Kubernetes Theory & Practice: I:
– Kubernetes: overview, use cases, ecosystem and community
– Kubernetes ‘plain vanilla’ vs. cloud provider services
– Definition of a cluster, node, namespace, pod, and deployment
– Interacting with a cluster (kubectl basics)
– Container deployment on Kubernetes

Kubernetes Theory & Practice II:
– Volumes, networking, secrets and configmaps
– Introduction to Helm
Target group:
– Software Engineers, System Engineers and DevOps Engineers who want to get started with Kubernetes

– Basic knowledge of Docker is desired, but will be refreshed at the start of the workshop
– Knowledge of Linux command line
– Laptop with admin rights & sudo

– Costs for the workshop: 199 CHF

– Remote
Davor Gajic has been working as a Platform Engineer for Nine since the beginning of 2020 and leads the courses at the Nine Kubernetes Academy. He has taught a considerable number of courses so far and has helped dozens of graduates to take their first steps with Kubernetes. Experienced in front-end and back-end development, he has successfully completed innumerable projects.

Questions? Our experts are here to help.


Helpful Downloads

Download relevant information on Kubernetes and read more about it.

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