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Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes for creating and managing customer web pages.

Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG
January 2023

The Challenge

The challenge for Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG is to set up new web pages for their clients in a short period of time. Their target is to create web pages in an efficient and cost-effective way. The handling of this process should need as few manual steps as possible and provide a high level of security. Their customers are mostly big companies with very high standards in terms of reliability of delivery and customer data (e.g. Swiss banks and insurance companies).

The Solution

Nine analysed the situation of the advertising agency in terms of their architectural environment and their main challenges. Due to the multitude of projects to be handled at the same time and Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG’s requirements for availability, speed and flexibility, Nine’s engineers identified the potential for a Kubernetes solution. Nine advised Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG in terms of their transition to running containers, and set up a concept for either a hybrid or full public cloud approach. By means of a number of workshops involving external contractors, Nine defined and elucidated the idea of the new system architecture involving Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Dr. Marc Rutschmann’s application framework used for the creation of web pages was containerised to ease the deployment of new projects. Nine built an automated CI/CD pipeline in combination with Argo CD, which allows the software developers at Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG to continuously deploy changes made to the projects.

As Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG wants to focus on their clients rather than on maintaining Kubernetes, Nine also supports them as a customer by operating Google Kubernetes Engine. This means that Nine runs the Nine service stack, consisting of industry standard open-source tools, to manage and update the Kubernetes solution for Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG.

The Result

The software developers at Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG can virtually create customer web pages in a few steps. They can create and delete projects by themselves without any help from Nine. Thanks to two separate environments for staging and production also separated on Kubernetes, project managers can conveniently and securely test content and design before moving to the production environment. In this way, around 50 customer projects can be managed in Kubernetes at the same time. In daily operations, very little additional support is needed.

«The collaboration with Nine sales and engineers has been very pleasant and we are happy with its result. The new solution makes our daily business much easier and we pay only for what we use.  There is no need for our IT to deal extensively with Kubernetes topics as Nine is taking care of the Kubernetes operations, including backups and software updates.»

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