Cloud adoption

Through workshops, consulting, and Nine's Kubernetes service stack, built on top of GKE, Nine helped Comerge find the right solutions and processes to allow them to stay focussed on their application.

Software Development
October 2021

The Challenge

Comerge develops software for a multitude of customers and industries, some of whom require high availability due to the critical nature of their business. A main concern for Comerge was that they wanted a container platform that could scale globally and reliably, while allowing them to focus on delivering applications to their customers without needing to operate the underlying infrastructure.

The Solution

As a long-time customer of Nine, Comerge has trusted Nine’s technical expertise when it comes to cloud environments, especially in container management. As such, Nine helped Comerge to make the most of Nine’s managed GKE as their container platform. This involved both the provision of Nine’s managed Kubernetes software stack, and guidance on how to use the platform to its full potential.

The Result

Comerge can now focus on delivering applications for their customers, be it in Switzerland or in other GCP locations. The service stack that Nine provides and maintains on top of GKE allows Comerge to easily deploy, and observe the performance of, their applications without the need to manage them. This means that Comerge can focus on development and deployment alone.

«Nine helps us to succeed, we feel on the same side. It’s a pleasure to work with Nine.»

Lorenzo de Micheli
Software Developer