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Advantages at a glance


Virtualised instance on a hyper-converged cluster, plus you benefit from compute power which is available exclusively for your projects

Scalability, flexibility and upgradability

We equip your server with additional CPU, RAM and SSDs upon request

High data security

We monitor and secure servers, install security updates and protect them from brute force attacks


Certified under the standards for quality management and information security, ISO 9001 & ISO 27001

Swiss location

Modern locations in and around Zurich with air-conditioning solutions, backup power supplies, fire protection systems and CCTV

Hybrid storage

A combination of SSD & HDD optimises storage usage and cost efficiency

Green power

Renewable energy as a standard


About the Product

A managed service is a service, such as a database or application server, run and maintained by Nine. This includes setup, configuration, updating and monitoring as well as backups. These measures ensure that the service can be run in a sustained manner. The base price of a server includes one simple and one complex service, respectively.

More about Managed Servers
Dedicated Server
Dedicated servers are hosted in specific data centres. They offer high performance, adaptability and reliability, which is why companies like to use them for a wide range of applications. From building a global content delivery infrastructure to running a heavily used database, dedicated servers are one of the most powerful tools for modern digital businesses.
Virtual Server
We offer comprehensive server management for our flexible virtual servers. Whether your work is project-based, and you would like to run individual campaigns or client projects, or whether you are a market player and would like to adapt quickly to changes, we are there for you. We monitor and maintain your systems, install security patches and bug fixes, or analyse and solve performance issues.
Handles any Task
The underlying hyper-converged infrastructure allows for an optimal synergy of different technologies and ensures straightforward scalability for your applications. Thanks to its cluster architecture and hybrid storage technology (SSD & HDD), managed virtual servers also offer excellent performance values and availability, even when faced with high workloads.
Case Studies

Use Cases for Managed Servers


With the Managed Virtual Servers, HUG AG benefits from an all-round carefree package including server management, 24/7 service, backup solution and the location in Switzerland.

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