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Advantages at a Glance

Database control

Monitoring and restoring, where necessary


Regular updates


Configure our databases to your needs


Managed Databases are installed on your Managed Server


You choose whether to take on user and database management yourself

Automatic storage increase

Our on-demand databases increase storage automatically, if and when your database needs it


About the Product

Nine runs and secures your server with daily backups, and installs updates. You require more? We are happy to offer a multi-server installation, such as a master-slave setup.

More about Databases
Open-Source Engines
We use well-known open-source engines as the basis for our relational databases: MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL.
Additional Services
For our Managed Server product (dedicated & virtual), we offer different levels of additional guarantees and services as outlined in our SLAs.
Case Studies

Use Cases for Databases

Stadler Form

We helped Stadler Form to find the right technical solution. At the same time, there were some hurdles in migrating their solution from the old hosting partner to us. Our support team assisted Stadler Form and their web agency quickly and competently at all times. Even when a solution was a little more complex, Stadler Form always felt very well looked after.

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Pupil AG

Nine operates the reliable and stable infrastructure for PUPIL, an all-in-one solution for digital school management, based on its own Nine Kubernetes Engine (NKE), so that Pupil AG can focus on its core business.

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