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Advantages at a Glance


Much better isolated than namespaces

Low costs

Cheaper than separate, ‘real’ Kubernetes clusters


More powerful thanks to its own API server

Safe Multi-Tenancy

vCluster offer a unique developer experience for anyone developing against Kubernetes as a deployment target


When scalability limits of k8s are reached due to large multi-tenant clusters, clusters can be split into vClusters and effectively shared


New ingress controller tests can be virtually simulated without affecting cluster operation


About the Product

Virtual clusters are executed within the namespaces of other clusters. They have a separate API server and a separate data store so that every Kubernetes object created in the vCluster only exists within this vCluster.

More about vCluster
Due to the fast creation and deletion times of vClusters, as well as their low costs, they are suitable for use in CI/CD pipelines for testing end-to-end deployments for your applications.
Testing New Kubernetes API Versions
We always try to deploy the latest Kubernetes versions within vCluster so you can test your applications against new API versions early.
Well-Isolated and Cost-Effective Environments
Staging and development environments can use their own vClusters to be better isolated from production, instead of using multiple namespaces on a single NKE cluster.
Testing New CRD Versions and Operators
New CRDs and/or operators can easily be tested on a temporary vCluster. You want to upgrade cert-manager and find out if your certificates are still signed? A vCluster can help you with this.
Case Studies

Use Cases for vClusters

Stadler Form

We helped Stadler Form to find the right technical solution. At the same time, there were some hurdles in migrating their solution from the old hosting partner to us. Our support team assisted Stadler Form and their web agency quickly and competently at all times. Even when a solution was a little more complex, Stadler Form always felt very well looked after.

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Pupil AG

Nine operates the reliable and stable infrastructure for PUPIL, an all-in-one solution for digital school management, based on its own Nine Kubernetes Engine (NKE), so that Pupil AG can focus on its core business.

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