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Advantages at a Glance

Full text search

Provides a full text search for finding words and word groups in different sources

Highlight results

Search results are arranged clearly and displayed neatly

Granular search

Filter options based on search result metadata

Indexing in real time

Important keywords are indexed and connected to relevant documents in near real time

Dynamic clustering

Closely related search terms are grouped dynamically


About the Product

Solr offers many pre-defined templates that can be used with major content management systems such as WordPress, TYPO3 and Drupal.

More about Solr
You Are in Good Hands
Nine takes care of running, patching and monitoring the Managed Solr service for you.
Using Solr
In our support section, you can find further information on how to create Solr cores, populate them with data and use them in your applications.
Differences between OpenSearch and Solr
Both are powerful search engines, and the choice depends on your project’s needs as well as its scalability requirements. Solr requires more manual setup and configurations than OpenSearch.

OpenSearch is specifically designed for scalability, whereas Solr requires more planning and configuration efforts to achieve the same result. OpenSearch is ideal for analysing log and event data, real-time, structured and unstructured data. Conversely, Solr is the tool of choice when it comes to traditional full-text or faceted search and content retrieval.
Case Studies

Use Cases for Managed Solr

Stadler Form

We helped Stadler Form to find the right technical solution. At the same time, there were some hurdles in migrating their solution from the old hosting partner to us. Our support team assisted Stadler Form and their web agency quickly and competently at all times. Even when a solution was a little more complex, Stadler Form always felt very well looked after.

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Pupil AG

Nine operates the reliable and stable infrastructure for PUPIL, an all-in-one solution for digital school management, based on its own Nine Kubernetes Engine (NKE), so that Pupil AG can focus on its core business.

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