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Nine Managed Search with OpenSearch and Solr

André Kunz
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André Kunz
December 12, 2022
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Elasticsearch/OpenSearch and Solr are among the most popular and powerful open source search servers. The projects are based on Apache Lucene, a programme library which indexes information in a flexible manner and can provide results for even complex searches in a short time.

With OpenSearch and Solr, we are happy to add two new products from the realm of search servers to our managed services portfolio. OpenSearch replaces Elasticsearch, which we can unfortunately no longer offer as a managed service due to changing licence stipulations.

Nine Managed OpenSearch as a Response to New Licence Stipulations

The OpenSearch project was launched as a response to Elasticsearch changing their licence policy. The open-source search engine is supported by organisations such as AWS, RedHat and SAP.

To be able to continue offering powerful search and analytics results as a managed service to our customers, and after a thorough assessment, we have added OpenSearch to our portfolio.

More Features

Just like Elasticsearch, OpenSearch covers a wide range of use cases, such as application monitoring in real time, protocol analysis and website searches. However, it is characterised by a larger set of features. Notable additions are, for example:

  • Extended security: OpenSearch offers functionalities for audits, encryption, authentication and authorisation. This includes integrations with Kerberos, Active Directory, SAML, LDAP, JSON web tokens and other systems. In addition, OpenSearch provides granular, role-based access control for fields, documents and indices.
  • Search support in SQL: Use the SQL query syntax with aggregate functions, such as ‘group by’ and ‘where’, to analyse your data.
  • Anomaly detection: Automatic detection of anomalies based on the random cut forest method (RCF). Combine this with alerting to monitor data and send alerts in near real time.

Compatibility with Elasticsearch and Migration to OpenSearch

OpenSearch is a fork of Elasticsearch version 7.10. Therefore, both services are currently largely compatible, and OpenSearch is aiming to retain this compatibility in future.

Our development focus has been on OpenSearch version 2. You can find links with details regarding compatibility and migration paths at the end of this article.

Nine Managed Solr: The Powerful Search Server for Your CMS

Solr is the ideal addition to your CMS to quickly and neatly display search results for all types of digital information. Since our customer’s needs depend on their use case, the type and scope of their data, as well as the way search results are displayed, we have also added Solr to our portfolio. 

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