ISO-27001–certified hosting solution as a complete package

Clientis needed a solution to comply with the requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) regarding outsourced activities for banks. They found what they needed in an ISO-27001-certified hosting solution.

October, 2021

The Challenge

Clientis banks are characterised by their regional focus and their perceived proximity to customers. Clientis has gained the trust of its clients through a transparent and solid approach to the banking business. To further strengthen this trust, the company strives to comply with regulations, such as those of FINMA, as quickly, sustainably and securely as possible. As a competence and service centre for its 15 banks, Clientis AG needs solutions that function equally well for all members of the Group, and for any decisions. Thus, multiple aspects had to be considered with regard to the FINMA guidelines published in Circular 08/7 ‘Outsourcing for Banks’.

The Solution

Clientis AG not only sought a reliable hosting provider for a successful partnership, but was also interested in further cooperation regarding this hosting relationship. Here, the aforementioned FINMA guidelines were to be satisfied within the framework of an ISO 27001 certification. The Managed Cloud provider was to meet FINMA’s requirements (as outlined in Circular 08/7 ‘Outsourcing for Banks’), work with the internet agency Liip AG and guarantee a location in Switzerland.

The Result

There is a growing trend towards certified hosting solutions located in Switzerland – as this is the only way to comply with the guidelines. With its ISO 27001 certification, attained in 2016, and the usage of a certified data processing centre, Nine can guarantee complete information security. The company’s secure process meets the criteria of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority in full. As Nine has worked with Clientis since 2012, the hosting provider was already familiar with the Clientis setup. Choosing Liip AG as the internet agency supported the project’s success, as Nine and Liip had already collaborated successfully on numerous projects in the past. Nine’s ISO-27001-certified data processing centre is located in Switzerland and goes beyond merely fulfilling certification requirements. Rather, it meets the high European standard, including from an infrastructural point of view.

«From our point of view, the realization of the new hosting solution ran perfectly; with Nine, we had a very cooperative, proactive and responsive partner. Our requirements were and continue to be readily understood and implemented.»

Roland Looser
Responsible for Web/Print
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