Managed Cluster – stability for e-commerce price comparison

On, users can compare anything, from health care schemes and insurance policies to banks, real estate and vehicles. The company would like to extend its offering by an e-commerce price comparison tool, allowing users to also benefit from comparing different offers when shopping online.

Client AG
Online Comparison Portal
October 2021

The Challenge

Users both know and value the services provided by the existing online platform. All comparisons can be made quickly and easily, and serve as a sound basis for decision-making. As the number of online purchases is constantly growing, users now want the option to compare offers and service providers in e-commerce. The idea is to present this comparison in the same way as on the existing pages, while offering the same added value in terms of information. Since first starting out comparing health insurance schemes 20 years ago, the offering listed on has continued to develop and increase. Users can now compare rates and services relating to health care schemes, insurance policies, banks, telecommunication providers, real estate, cars and motorcycles.

The Solution

The company became aware of the demand for an online shop comparison tool through both further development measures and customer requests. The aim was therefore to build a platform for comparing various products from different e-commerce sites, where users could be taken directly to the provider’s website if they wished. It was important that the new price comparison tool would be seamlessly integrated into the existing website and that it was designed in a way that made it easy for users to take advantage of this feature. Their ideal Managed Cloud provider had to offer a stable platform for a new application that was to be available at all times and never go offline, even when used by numerous individuals at once. Also, asked for a partner that would take on server management from start to finish and that could guarantee a location within Switzerland.

The Result

Nine developed a solution for AG based on a managed cluster system. Since the requirements of could not be met by a standard solution, Nine offered a cluster system. This cluster consists of multiple components that function like a single system and offer excellent availability, stability and flexibility. This makes it easy to adapt and design the cluster according to the requirements of – individual components can be replaced or expanded during runtime without any issues. Nine took on all aspects of server management for AG. This included an analysis of the application “Price Comparison”, an assessment of the needs and targets set by AG, as well as an evaluation of their business model and target audience. This meant that the collaboration could start during the conception phase of the project, thereby ensuring business continuity and continuous resource optimisation.

«Our collaboration with nine went off without a hitch. The servers run very smoothly, and all support requests were resolved quickly. This continues to be the case today. Communication about new products and new versions works well too, which means we are always up to date on all changes.»

Robert de Heer
Head of Product Development Classifieds
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