Container technology – monitoring, testing and deployment at the highest level

New market conditions, new requirements for their product range: containerising their software has opened up new opportunities for CASASOFT AG. Collaborating with a good partner is key for its implementation.

Real Estate Marketing
October 2021

The Challenge

CASASOFT clients appreciate their modular software solutions, their products’ usability and their fair, fixed price model. The fact that all solutions are exclusively developed in Switzerland, without the help of external partners, instils great confidence in their clients. The focus is on digitalisation and the automation of analogue marketing processes, high software availability and strong data security. In addition, their products aim to be easy to use. A fast reaction time and competent support are a matter of course. When CASASOFT started working with Nine, their CRM solution already had over 4,000 users and had seen great success in the marketplace for several years. Over this time, their requirements for data security and development had changed profoundly, while their client base had grown significantly.

The Solution

To meet these new requirements, it was time for a completely new software solution: «CASAONE». The new approach was to be highly automated from a technical standpoint, to enable the development team to be even faster when delivering new features requested by clients, to significantly reduce time to market, and to guarantee the highest level of resilience. Their Managed Container provider needed to offer a highly-scalable, secure and software-independent solution, as well as a stable, high-performance live environment, non-disruptive feature updates and alternative methods of publication and installation via containerisation. It also needed to allow for continuous and fully automated deployment processes, which would see an automation of any remaining manual steps, optimised testing and monitoring. Furthermore, the client asked for an implementation of methods to improve collaboration within the team. They wanted a Swiss location, a Swiss company, and a straightforward partnership including competent advice and continuous improvements.

The Result

The general goal was for the responsible parties at CASASOFT to be able to implement the solution themselves (migration, etc.), as they already had the basic knowledge required. For Nine, this meant teaching the client any missing know-how as early and as comprehensively as possible. In addition, the necessary resources for running the containers had to be made available. Together, both parties analysed the situation and determined requirements, reviewed the architecture and discussed any general technical questions. Nine provided resources on the cluster and gave advice regarding process automation, installing and running the client’s database on one of our Managed Servers. We also helped with over-the-phone support during the implementation and go-live phase, as well as with a final Q&A sessions.

«Thanks to containerization, we can divide our application CASAONE into small, efficient packages which we can in turn optimize, monitor and scale individually. At the same time, we have been able to optimize our processes and make them leaner, which has led to enhanced transparency for the collaboration between teams, and has improved communication. Nine’s competent advice has enabled a fast implementation.»

Jens Stalder
Full Stack Web Developer
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