Bringing SaaS to GKE

Nine provided expertise, training and optimisation. Through workshops, consulting, and their GKE-based Kubernetes service stack, Nine helped ClickTime find the right solutions and processes to allow them to stay focussed on their application.

Software & Internet
November, 2021

The Challenge

More than 20,000 users access the platform to track and plan their time for their employers – around 3,000 users are added each year. The ability to scale up quickly during peak times is key. It is crucial that the system is always available, not to mention that many ClickTime customers have strict data protection requirements.

The Solution

ClickTime was one of the first customers who used Nine’s Managed GKE offering. Nine’s unique service on top of Kubernetes allowed for seamless monitoring, continuous deployment of applications with ArgoCD, and resource backup with Velero. Additionally, Nine’s proactive support helped ClickTime run their applications more efficiently on Kubernetes.

The Result

ClickTime can now scale very quickly, enjoy the benefits of a highly available platform, and is able to deploy their applications without having to think about the intricacies of running Kubernetes. Nine also actively supports ClickTime in the use of best practices regarding containers and Kubernetes, while their user base continues to grow.

«Nine led the project and was able to support us well with expertise.»

Pius Kaeppeli
Managing Director