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Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – availability guaranteed, any time, anywhere

When outsourcing the hosting of and other web projects as part of its brand relaunch, la Mobilière was looking for a high availability solution that included monitoring the platform and application.

la Mobilière
October 2021

The Challenge

The update of the la Mobilière brand and the overhaul of the full online product range signalled a new direction for the company. To make sure that customers would also benefit from the new approach, la Mobilière needed a solution with guaranteed high availability during 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Solution

Website hosting – previously managed by the internal IT department at la Mobilière – was to be outsourced with the 2015 relaunch. In addition, information was to be completely restructured, a new CMS introduced, previous stand-alone microsites integrated into the main website, and three separate domains (one per language) were to be split out from a single domain. In addition to the above changes, it was also important for la Mobilière to find a reliable and highly available solution that not only guaranteed uninterrupted runtimes, but also one which allowed an immediate response in an emergency. The chosen Managed Cloud provider was to offer continuous monitoring of the platform itself, as well as the applications running on it, and guarantee 24/7 service availability. Furthermore, the client asked for a sound cooperation with Liip AG to implement the web development.

The Result

The requirements defined by la Mobilière could be fully met by Nine by adding a service level agreement as an additional option to the managed setup. Platform monitoring is a part of the server management and thus generally included in all managed setups. The service level agreement supplemented this with additional application monitoring, employing a string check to regularly validate defined parameters. This ensures that Nine is always on top of any disruption on the la Mobilière platform, and can respond immediately – regardless of whether the platform or the application causes the error. To guarantee the availability of la Mobilière’s online presence, the Service Level Agreement included further terms. Among them were, for example, a guaranteed response time, preferential treatment in case of a serious incident, and a guaranteed availability of 99.9%. Cooperating with Liip agency as part of the customer’s requirements was unproblematic for Nine. The two companies had successfully completed projects together in the past, and were able to draw on their working relationship when working on the la Mobilière project.

«Nine is quick and uncomplicated – just like la Mobilière itself. The collaboration was enjoyable, and we appreciate the professional way they worked. But we found the direct and open lines of communication with nine to be just as important.»

Fabian Buser
Networking Specialist
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la Mobilière Case Study